"Artistic expression is fundamental to human development. Before a child speaks, a child sings."
– Phylicia Rashad, DreamYard Benefit Honoree



DreamYard Teaching Artists, Students, Parents, Participants, and Principals, in their own words, on the impact of DreamYard on their lives.

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  • “I think that is important to study art because it is a form of expression. It allows you to say what is on your mind. Whether or not I become a professional artist will not change the fact that tomorrow is probable not going to be the last work of art that I make.”

    – Christopher Aracena, Participant
  • “They [teaching artists] teach me the skills I need to know to be a better actress, and to be aware of my surroundings. But, also to do something for the community. They support my ideas and encourage me to put them into action, they’ve helped me through the college process and gave me advice on how to become a better human being.”

    – Acting Participant
  • “Whether they [Students] become visual artists or not, I think it is important for them to be able to articulate themselves. The program helps students improve their speaking, leadership & collaboration skills. They learn to work together with each other, the community and other partnering groups.”

    – Carla Repice, DreamYard Teaching Artist
  • “Since joining the program, I’ve grown immensely! When I first started, I was shy, extremely shy and I had low self-esteem. But now, I’m open-minded, more outspoken, confident and I am way more comfortable with who I am.”

    – Participant
  • “I am so proud of my work with the ACTION Project because it was a challenge, and because I stepped outside of myself and learned what it felt like to be a artivist (an activist and an artist); it was truly a transformative experience.”

    – Michael Torres, Participant
  • “DreamYard made their move to Washington Avenue when my family and I really neeeded creative/artistic activities outside our home and in our immediate neighborhood. So thank you very much. You are a godsend!”

    – Beatrice Richardson, Parent
  • “I currently have three children involved in the OSP. Two of my sons are taking dance and my other son is taking poetry. I have seen my children become more independent and more confident about their abilities to do anything they want. OSP Minis has had a positive impact on me and my family. We have the opportunity to celebrate their greater achievements through dance recitals, poetry slams, artwork presentations and theater performances. DreamYard is an amazing place for children. When you walk into the building the staff and parents are warm and friendly. I hope that DreamYard continues to do the remarkable work that they are doing. They have brought the best out of my children…”

    – Tawana Edwards, Parent
  • “A.C.T.I.O.N. gave me the will of fire! The experiences I’ve had and the things that I’ve learned can definitely be used for many other aspects in life. To me, ACTION helped me figure out what purpose I want to serve in life.”

    – Angel Matos, Participant
  • “Thank you DreamYard for such a wonderful time yesterday. My little boys Jayden,Jaycob and Julius Santos had so much fun..they are very grateful and excited to use their new backpacks and supplies @ school. The DreamYard team did such a great job. My children are looking forward to the new adventures that await them at program this year.”

    – Destiny Nesa, Parent
  • “Inspiration is the first word that comes to mind when I think about the environment at DreamYard Out of School Programs. DreamYard OSP is a place that is surrounded with so much talent and passion and, more importantly, love. Being involved in an environment like this sparks the mind and the soul. It made me believe that there are no boundaries or limits on what I could do. I am very grateful to had been welcomed in a place where my thoughts and ideas were allowed to bloom; where I could take a simple object such as a pencil and create a master piece. It is a place where my voice was heard and any idea I mentioned was appreciated. The best thing about the DreamYard OSP is that not only is it a place where they are helping me, but they are dedicated to helping the community as well-both locally, nationally and internationally. Everything I was taught was used to help build communities.”

    – Kristy Brito, Participant
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