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"Being involved in an environment like this sparks the mind and the soul."
– Kristy, participant


DreamYard collaborates with Bronx youth, families and schools to build pathways to equity and opportunity through the arts.

DreamYard programs develop artistic voice, nurture young peoples’ desire to make change and cultivate the skills necessary to reach positive goals. By committing to sustained learning opportunities along an educational pathway, we support young people as they work toward higher learning, meaningful careers and social action. We believe that young people in the Bronx need a continuous set of supports to help them towards positive outcomes as they navigate their educational pathway. We have every expectation that through offering sustained and meaningful supports our youth will develop the tools to become creative and engaged citizens, life-long learners and the leaders and innovators of the 21st century.


Two decades ago, DreamYard was just an idea; one sparked by a group of young people who wrote a play about a place where kids could go to dream. Now, it has developed into the largest arts organization in the Bronx drawing on the amazing talents of the young people and families in the neighborhoods surrounding the DreamYard Art Center and in a network of partnering Bronx public schools including the DreamYard Preparatory High School. Based on core values of Artistry, Character, Empowerment and Scholarship, and aligned with the NYC Department of Education Blueprint for the Arts and the NY State Learning Standards, our programs encourage young people to pursue educational pathways toward higher learning, meaningful careers and social action. We currently impact the social and educational development of 8,500 young people, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, across 42 public schools and at the Art Center!

The DreamYard Team


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Dreamyard uses project-based arts learning to ignite the transformative spirit in youth, public schools and communities.

      • (718) 588-8007 ext:201

        Duke University, B.A.

        Jason Duchin, Co-Executive Director

        Jason Duchin

        Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director

      • (718) 588-8007 ext:202

        Brown University, B.A.;
        The American Conservatory Theater, M.F.A.

        Tim Lord, Co-Executive Director

        Tim Lord

        Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director

      • 718-588-8007 x 207

        Boston University, B.A.; John Jay College, M.A.

        Rachel Web Image

        Rachel Bogin

        Director of Individual & Corporate Relations

      • Wellesley College, B.A.; New York Studio School, Certificate Program

        Moriah Carlson, Visual Arts Department Coach

        Moriah Carlson

        Department Director, Visual Arts and Maker

      • 646-823-7011

        Concordia College, B.S.

        Michelle Web Photo

        Michelle Clarke

        Finance Manager

      • 718-588-8007 ext 214

        Ama Codjoe

        Ama Codjoe

        Director, DreamYard Art Center

      • 718.588.8007 x. 217


        Jossalyn Collado

        Art Center Program Associate

      • (718) 588-8007

        Arizona State University, B.A. Lehman College, M.A New York University, M.A

        Kristen Enfors Square web photo

        Kristen Engfors

        School Programs Coordinator

      • Florida A & M University, MA Business Administration

        Rajeeyah Web Photo

        Rajeeyah Finnie-Myers

        Associate Director of Professional Development

      • (718) 588-8007 ext:200

        Rose Garcia, Office Manager

        Rose Garcia

        Office Manager

      • The American Musical and Dramatic Academy's Musical Theater


        Nanya-Akuki Goodrich

        School Programs Coordinator

      • Lisa Green, Dance

        Lisa Green

        Department Director, Dance and Music

    • DreamYard Board of Directors 2016

      • Abby Turk

      • Andy Berndt

      • Ashley Goodale

      • Charles P. Lord

      • Chris Howe

      • Eb Gaines

      • Erickson Blakney

      • Ethan Hawke

      • Helen Pardoe

      • Ian Madover

      • Leslie Rylee

      • Lisa Giuffra Diaz

      • Marina Purcell

      • Mark-Anthony Edwards

      • Matthew Carpenter

      • Patricia Perez (Board President)

      • Peter Duchin

      • Philip Seymour Hoffman (2002-2014)

      • Robin Skye

      • Samantha Magistro

      • Ted Owen

      • alicia_wargo

        Alicia Wargo

        Principal DreamYard Preparatory School

      • word3

        Ayanna Williams

        Co-Department Head, Dance Teacher

      • word5

        Brandon Magid

        Musical Theater Teacher

      • word1

        Haymeé Salas

        Co-Department Head, Visual Arts Teacher

      • word2

        Javier Gonzalez

        Theater Teacher

      • default1_5

        Katie Stodd

        Theater Teacher

      • default1_5

        Noah Lethbridge

        Vocal Music Teacher

      • rod_bowen

        Rod Bowen

        Founding Principal DreamYard Preparatory School

      • word4

        Sydnie L. Mosley


      • Andrea Greene, Poetry

        Andrea Greene


      • Austin Greene, Visual Arts

        Austin Greene

        Visual Arts

      • Bobby DeJesus, Poetry

        Bobby de Jesus


      • Carla Repice, Visual Arts

        Carla Repice

        Visual Arts

      • Howard University, B.F.A.; University of Michigan, M.A.; Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts, Summer Internship

        Catrina Ganey, Poetry

        Catrina Ganey


      • David Cimenello, Poetry

        David Cimenello


      • David Flores, Photography and Film

        David Flores


      • Janille Hill, Dance

        Janille Hill


      • Jose Olivares, Digital Learning Programs Mentor

        Jose Olivares

        Audio Production and Maker

      • Kenny Finkle, Theater

        Kenny Finkle


      • Lisa Prives, Visual Arts

        Lisa Prives

        Visual Arts

      • Lori Brown-Niang, Theater

        Lori Brown-Niang


DreamYard Project | 1085 Washington Avenue Ground Floor Bronx, NY 10456 | Tel: (718) 588.8007